Name: Dominic
Location: Netherlands
Age/Sex: 20, Male/Straight.
Everything on this blog is 100% mine, unless otherwise stated.

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So, September 11 has passed. What a sad day for the United States. I know I have not been on much lately, and I wish for that to change. I’m starting to film my own things, mainly of cars and people, and want to start creating my own gifs, and eventually my own, what I like to call, “People Portfolio”. As you can see, the previously updated ferrari gif was my very first ever! Simple, but, I am definitely not up for all that fancy stuff yet. It was rather easy, to my surprise.

I hope this week brings more than just rain to Miami. Sheesh.

xx Dominic


Today is that kind of day. Downloading music until I fall asleep.


Just came back from an adventure in Massachusetts! Went to Boston, the Cape, and a few other cities and towns along the way. The following pictures are only a few of my favorites from the trip. When I get to organize this blog more, I’m going to add all of the ones I like. But, until then, enjoy!


Soccer today! Although my team has been long gone… but that’s alright. I want Germany to win the whole thing.

Anyway, I want my camera to get here already. I’m tired of going through old photos and taking new ones with my crappy camera. Only a few more days, according to the shipment status! Woot!

Well, I’m off to go watch Portugal v. Spain. Let’s see what the turnout it!


I’ve decided on the camera I am going to purchase. I will tell you all which one it is when I receive it… I will take a nice picture of it and glorify it for a few weeks probably.

I am super excited.

On another note, today has been the most beautiful day, and I am going to go relax by the pool before the “scheduled” rain comes and tears this place apart.

Have a great day!


Today I went camera shopping! Still, nothing purchased. But, I did have fun looking at all the different ones and getting all the information I wanted. I want to upgrade from my Nikon. However, I still find it to be a great camera. Therefore, I am going to continue comparing information, and prices & reviews so that I can make a better decision.

So far, I have only been searching through past photography and uploading what I think are good pictures. I want to wait for this new camera before I start taking more updated photography, and hopefully better quality photography.

Let’s see how this purchasing thing goes!

Quality coming soon…

So, I am finally going to purchase a new camera. The pictures I have currently been posting are only the ones I took a while ago that I really liked. I’m not sure what camera I will end up getting, but I am very very very excited about it because now I can start taking some really great photos. I am beyond excited to go camera shopping tomorrow!


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